Igor Emmerich

M +44 (0)7973 624 802
E igor@igoremmerich.com


I was born in Malaga in 1966 from a German father and Spanish mother.
They met in Mallorca and moved to  Malaga as at the time, in Franco’s
Spain, it was a place full of promise, very cosmopolitan and bohemian
which attracted all sorts of creative people from all over the world.

I grew up in a very free environment, surrounded by dogs, hanging out on
the beach and bombarded by the rich colours and folklore of Andalusia.

I moved to England in my 20s and did a degree in graphic design in Bath.
Then moved to london where I’ve been working since, shooting for
agencies and developing my personal work.

I love life, I love people, observing and getting to know them. I love arriving
in new places and thinking on my feet, I like working with creative
people and learning new things, and I like surprises.


I have recently shot projects for BT, Tui, Coup, RSA, Konica Minolta and Diageo.