Igor Emmerich

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I’m a Spanish-born photographer and filmmaker whose work is known for its imaginative and original slant on subjects.

With over 30 years experience of shooting on location and in the studio for editorial, design, and advertising clients in the UK and worldwide, I approach each job with a fresh perspective and the highest attention to detail.

My work is about capturing both portrait and lifestyle imagery by spotting the unusual in the world and capturing unique moments in time. 

I enjoy taking photos of candid, everyday observations of the world and the people around me, focusing on finding the beauty in the mundane and celebrating human ingenuity and real life stories, creating positive and funny images. Regardless of the location or lighting scenario for each project, I love coming up with inventive and spontaneous ideas.

With my portrait photography, I like to inject my sense of humour which helps build a connection to the people who are sitting for me, capturing something both distinctive and natural.

I like to use the same approach to filmmaking as I do to my stills, whether they’re promotional videos or short films. 

I directed my first short film The Beast of Romney Marsh, a comedy, which has gone on to win several awards on the film festival circuit in 2021.

My clients have included BT, Oracle, Canon, GSK, Unilever, Virgin, Vodafone and Diageo and my work has won awards from AOP, Communication Arts, Color Awards and Design Week.


Recent Awards

2022 Association of Photographers Awards, Life section silver winner.

2022 15th International Color Awards, 3 images nominated, sections Children of the World, People and Portrait.

2022 American Photography Awards, "Flexible Working Spaces" chosen for their Archive Collection.

2021 International Photography Awards, Honourable Mention 'Clash of the Tash', People, Portrait. 

2021 International Photography Awards, Honourable Mention 'Home Office', Advertising, self promotion.

14th International Color Awards, 4 images nominated, 1 honorable mention.

12th International Color Awards, 2 images nominated.

11th International Color Awards, 4 images nominated, 1 2nd place- merit of excellence.

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017, Nature, landscape award.

AOP awards 2017, Non-Commissioned Environment Single.

9th International Color Awards, 2 images nominated, 1 Honorable mention.

9th International Color Awards, Sport Honourable mention, Americana, Sport.

OneEyeland Photography Awards 2015, Bronze.

8th Annual International Color Awards, 1ist place - Outstanding Achievement in People category.


Snow Globe Studio


Snow Globe Studio

Glassworks, Mill Bay
CT20 1JG


I’m based in Folkestone, Kent and work from a large daylight studio set in the middle of the Creative Quarter. This is where I take most of my studio portraits and where I try out new creative ideas. It’s also the place I display the millions of Snow Globes I’ve collected from all over the world during my many years of traveling for work.

The regeneration of Folkestone makes it a great place to be based, full of history, cultural activities and new business start-ups. Having a studio in the center of town means I get to meet and chat with lots of people, often collaborating with them on new projects. It’s also commutable to London where a lot of my shoots take place.

The studio, which is also available for hire, is perfect for production meetings, wardrobe fittings, castings and the occasional wrap party!  

Production Services

Production Service

I work closely with a great team of industry professionals.  Together we are able to take care of all of your shoot logistics, from bidding through to post production and everything in between. 


We can provide:

Full production service | production co-ordination | estimates | casting | location finding  | crew | styling | Hair & Make-Up | equipment & studio hire | catering | permits | licenses | travel logistics | digital post production and more.

We take pride in bringing together the best team for your brief and budget, resulting in successful and smooth-running shoots.


Please contact us at : productions@igoremmerich.com to discuss our production service in more detail.


Safe Shoots.

To provide you with safe shoots we are following the Industry guidelines set out by the Association of Photographers. These can be viewed at:


As part of our production service we can provided Covid Supervisors and first aiders to ensure the safety of everyone whilst on set.